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Commercial and business refrigeration

Frigomil is also active in the industrial sector. We develop refrigeration systems that increase your market potential and optimise your production and distribution process. Our studies bureau can devise a solution and advise you during implementation.
Our interests cover both the presentation and the proper storage of the products. For the food-products sector, we design and develop energy-efficient refrigeration systems. We create the optimum microclimate for storing food products for long periods of time. That is possible due to the active regulation of temperature, humidity and airflow. We also supply special applications, such as blast freezers, blast chillers,and cooling tunnels, as required. Total projects are our speciality.

  • refrigeration and freezing tunnels made to your product's measure
  • process refrigeration for laser and packing machines
  • test areas lower than -50° C
  • explosion-free spaces

Save energy

With every new installation, we try to reduce energy consumption levels as much as possible. We can also modify existing systems to make them eligible for energy premiums. This can include heat recovery, frequency and electronic expansion regulation.

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  • dairy industry
  • meat industry
  • fruit and vegetables
  • butchers
  • bakers
  • supermarket
  • retail
  • heat recovery
  • food production and distribution
  • metal
  • plastics
  • chemicals
  • pharmaceuticals
  • clean room
  • explosion-safe spaces
  • low-temperature applications
  • blast refrigeration and freezer tunnel
  • CO2
  • your personal application
Frigomil comes to you
  • Our experienced and qualified personnel implement all installations on-site.
  • Design, assembly, maintenance and service are done in accordance with high quality standards.
  • Our technicians are certified refrigeration technicians.
  • Frigomil has been certified as compliant with the Refrigeration Technology Emissions Prevention Foundation (STEK) standards in the Dutch market since 2000.

Climatisation, air-conditioning and heat pump

A stable climate does more than simply create a pleasant environment at home, at work or in shopping areas. The right temperature, humidity and the desired level of purity are also very important when storing medicines, wine, or tobacco. Our extensive VRF, ventilation, heat pump and air-conditioning systems ensure that those requirements are met.
  • residential
  • store
  • supermarket
  • office
  • tobacco
  • wine cellar
  • climate cabinets
  • hospitals
  • laboratories
  • industrial storage areas
  • heat pumps
  • your personal application

Legislation and service

The impact of refrigerants on the environment is well known. Refrigerants contribute to the destruction of the ozone layer and global warming. It is therefore very important to prevent leakage. The Environmental Protection Act (VLAREM) has made leak inspections mandatory. You can also count on us to carry them out. Frigomil is a certified refrigeration technology company. (KOEL/AIB/B_141 - AIB Vinçotte)

The refrigerant R22 has a major greenhouse effect. From 2015, installations that use the R22 refrigerant will be prohibited. Adding new R22 refrigerant to existing systems has been forbidden since 2010. When replacing or converting a refrigeration installation that uses R22, several solutions are possible. Frigomil would be pleased to advise you.



It almost goes without saying that maintaining every refrigeration installation is crucial. Frigomil would be please to present a maintenance offer for your consideration at no obligation.

Service department

Our service department is open 24/7 and can be contacted on :
02 272 43 43