Success with your store

The success of your store will depend on more than simply good products. Everything has to work together, which is where Frigomil comes in. We provide total store design and also take care of the work area with all of the refrigerators that you need.

  • from creative concept to design
  • fast service
  • enthusiastic team of professionals

Experts in refrigeration

Your products must be stored perfectly aswell as being presented in attractive surroundings. Our refrigerationsystems ensure that they will be. Frigomil also has many years of expertise in industrial refrigeration and outs that knowledge to good use for commercial refrigeration as well.

  • customized refrigeration and freezer units
  • user-friendly and energy-efficient
  • experienced installers

Introducing Frigomil

Frigomil specialises in customised store design and refrigeration units. Our clients include both retailers and wholesalers, as well as the industrial sector.

  • high-quality, sustainable materials
  • high level of functionality and maintenance-friendly
  • client-focused solutions