Store design & work area

What can Frigomil do for you?

  • individual design
  • customised display counters
  • specialised refrigeration systems
  • commercial presentation
  • comprehensive lighting plan
  • sustainable materials
  • functional and ergonomic
  • after-sales service guaranteed

Whether you are opening a new store or want to bring your business up to date, Frigomil is the partner you need. The total store design process is in goodhands with us. Our experienced team delivers custom design, professional execution and follow-up from initial concept to official opening. Our specialisations also include the creation of the work area devised in accordance with HACCP standards and including the refrigeration units and work surfaces that you require.

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Boost your sales

Meat wall cooler as an extra counter
Your counter space is gradually becoming too small but it's too early to start thinking about expanding the store. Frigomil's wall refrigeration unit is the ideal interim solution. It makes it possible to present a greater selection without having to sacrifice space for existing products. A meat wall cooler mounted on top of your existing work table will give you 1.5 m of extra room in your display counter. Your classic products, such as salami and dried hams continue to sell well in your wall cooling unit. And the lighting will be configured to match, of course. Now that's a profitable eye-catcher!
Maximiser & Optimiser for prepared dishes
The takeaway caterer segment continues to experience growth. Your attractive meals and tasty preparations are presented practically and pre-packaged on a minimum of required store area. (70 cm is all you need) The client inspects, selects and checks out while you carry on with what you were doing.
Get them moving with the top-tablet cooling unit
See one, buy one.
Presenting tasty products on the countertop inspires eating. But fresh products cannot be displayed at room temperature. The Frigomil top-tablet cooling unit means they don't have to be. The cold tablet can be customised to fit on every counter top. We guarantee that fast snacks and ready-to-eat meals will fly out the door like hot cakes.
Hang the meat to dry in the drying chamber
A modified climate system makes uniform drying for all types of dried sausage, salami and ham possible. The meat is hung in the chamber where adjustable parameters allow control of the entire process. Customised small chambers dry your products depending on the outside climate. Consistent quality is the guaranteed result.
Drop the temperature fast with the fast-cooler
The fast-cooler can bring the temperature of prepared products down so fast that bacteria don't stand a chance. The temperature drops from 60° C to 10° C in only 90 minutes. The result is a sterile product with a long life, either at your store or the customer's home.
Pies in recovery
When you sell a lot of cakes and pies, you need a large inventory. So you have to prepare the baked goods in advance. When you take them out of the freezer, they have to go into the recovery room immediately.
Temperature and humidity are perfectly regulated so that whipped cream stays white and firm and the chocolate continues to gleam.
Blast chiller & blast freezer
Fast refrigeration and fast freezing are not unnecessary luxuries for bakers. They not only ensure that the end products are free of bacteria, but also that the structure is retained. In four hours, between 20 kg and 100 kg can be frozen. After the fast freezing, products can be moved into the normal freezers.
Wall cooler unit for pralines
When you install a wall cooler, you do more than free up space on your counter. You also make the chocolate more visible, and that can only be good for sales. The temperature is, of course, set exactly right. No room for an extra wall cooler unit? Get in touch with us and we will modify your existing counter to promote the sale of pralines and chocolate.
Improve taste with the dough-rise inhibition cabinet
Dough can also be prepared in advance and allowed to rise very slowly. In the dough-rise inhibition cabinet, the dough stays cool and therefore rises more slowly. That makes it possible for the yeast to do its job better. Sugars are converted more slowly, which results in a better taste.
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