In the spotlight

Seeing leads to buying

You have a large range and limited space but know that seeing leads to buying. This is why Frigomil develops customised compact cooling systems that offer you additional space without making drastic interior alterations. Have you got any free space somewhere? We provide a customised solution!

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Serve-over counter

Fresh, unpacked foodstuffs deserve special attention. Only shop assistants touch them when serving customers. 

We design and develop counter tops perfectly tailored for your products. 

After all, meat demands a different environment and cooling from fish or chocolate. 

At Frigomil, each product is given what it really deserves.

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Chilled self-service

People love to be autonomous and to have time to nose around. So fresh, pre-packed products should definitely be given a place in a self-service display unit. 

Frigomil makes these in different sizes and shapes: from free-standing models to wall units. We supply the correct temperature control and moisture content, tuned to your product.


Wall-mounted refrigerated display cabinet

Every product deserves to be seen. To make optimal use of the available space, you can opt for a wall-mounted cooling unit. This offers additional space on a free-standing wall, for instance behind the counter. 

Products are not only put in the spotlight, Frigomil also guarantees perfect cooling and storage.


Dry ageing cabinet

In an ageing cabinet, you extract moisture from the meat for a longer period in the view of your customers. A strict and accurate regulation of the air humidity, the air circulation and the temperature are crucial factors in the ageing process. 

Frigomil develops ageing cabinets tailored to any interior.

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Wine cooling

Wine improves with age. But only if you store the bottles in an optimal environment. Frigomil gladly takes care of that. 

Building on our expertise and years of experience in cooling individual products, we do more than just making your wine cooling perfect; we also make it attractive. A stunning professional appearance in your shop, restaurant or in your home.