A propos de Frigomil

L'innovation et la création sont notre spécialité.


Avant la guerre, Louis Van Mileghem utilisait d’énormes blocs de glace en guise de réfrigération. Lorsque son fils Marcel Van Mileghem reprit le commerce, il a décidé d’investir dans la réfrigération mécanique et a fondé, en 1948, Frigomil, une entreprise professionnelle gérée, aujourd’hui, par la troisième et la quatrième génération. 

L’esprit innovant et le talent de création sont transmis de génération en génération. 

Aujourd’hui, Frigomil est connu et reconnu pour sa compétence par tous les professionnels. 

Nous nous efforçons constamment de donner le meilleur de nous-mêmes afin de répondre aux demandes de nos clients en matière de concepts créatifs, projets sur mesure, l’innovation des techniques et matériaux.

Nous produisons dans nos propres ateliers et garantissons ainsi une qualité irréprochable et un timing précis.

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Op weg naar succes

TEST discovery

Wether you have a clear picture of what you want to create or noteveryone is welcome at Frigomil. During a first meeting, we discover together what is functional and attractive for you. We listen to your story and delve further into the requirements to obtain a completely clear picture.

“Let’s break the ice and talk design”


The ball is now in our court. Interior architects and materials experts get to work with your available space. They design a customised plan and give you inspiration with stylish and original solutions. Are you wildly enthusiastic and can you not wait to make a start? Then let's establish a form of cooperation!

“Dreams become reality when we put our mind to it”

building up

What was initially a plan on paper, is now becoming reality. Our workshops with professional cabinetmakers, metalworkers, glass specialists etc. produce your shop interior with the greatest care. Technical experts study your cooling solutions and the project starts to take on shape and colour.

“The difference between good and great design is attention to detail”


Our finely detailed craftsmanship comes to you. Expert installers ensure an accurate installation of each component and carefully finish every detail for you. After an exciting cooperation, we will be ready to deliver your project.

“Off we go.”


Once the opening date has past, your brand new or renovated business will continue under our care. Our aftersales service is at your service around the clock, seven days a week. At Frigomil, you can rely on our professional knowledge, speed and quality for keeping your cooling unit in perfect condition. All maintenance, defects or faults are handled by our certified refrigeration technicians with the greatest attention.

“We strive to exceed our customers expectations”